The Team

Dr Astrid Stilma

Dr Astrid Stilma, the Co-Investigator for the ‘Canterbury’s Aphra Behn’ project, is Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University. Her research focuses mainly on literary representations of religious conflict in the seventeenth century. Her interest in politics in early modern plays led her to Aphra Behn’s representations of Whigs and Tories, and she is currently completing an article on Behn’s poetry (particularly ‘A Paraphrase Upon the Lord’s Prayer’) in the context of the religio-political debates of the mid-1680s.

Dr Catie Gill

Catie Gill is a lecturer in English Literature at Loughborough University with interests in religion and women’s history. She is the editor of the Journal of the Society of Friends, and is involved in outreach projects that increase the profile of literary authors.

Helen Wright

Helen Wright is Research Impact Manager at City, University of London, where she works closely with researchers to take their work beyond academia to the benefit of society, creativity and the economy. In her previous role at Canterbury Christ Church University, she supported the development of Canterbury’s Aphra Behn, and remains a member of the project team working to raise awareness of wonderful Aphra and her Canterbury connections.

Hannah Straw

Dr Hannah Straw is the Impact and Engagement Fellow on the Canterbury’s Aphra Behn project. She is a historian based between Warwick and Loughborough University working on literature and culture in the seventeenth century. She is particularly interested in what public scandal and moral panics can tell us about the culture and politics of the later 17th century. Her work on the scandalous literary culture of the Restoration brought her to Aphra Behn, whose social circle included some of the period’s most scandalous figures, such as the 2nd Duke of Buckingham and the 2nd Earl of Rochester.

Elaine Hobby

Elaine Hobby leads the ‘Canterbury’s Aphra Behn’ project. She is Professor Emerita at Loughborough University, and leads The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Aphra Behn (for which she has co-edited The Emperor of the Moon, edited The Rover and The Debauchee, and is at work on The Feign’d Curtizans and The Amorous Prince). She is Honorary Vice-President of the Canterbury Commemoration Society, and a member of the committee of the Aphra Behn Society of Canterbury.